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  Finally Get Math!

(914) 338-8484

About me

After tutoring and teaching for 15 years, I have become extremely efficient and effective. I have helped students raise their GMAT & GRE scores by 20+ percentiles, SAT scores by 300-400 points and helped failing students jump to A's.

I am thoroughly prepared to tutor online as for the past 7 years, I have used a setup similar to a smartboard to tutor full-time with about 95% of my tutoring conducted virtually. My setup is very smooth as you can see in the 200 math videos on my YouTube channel.

Anyone can understand math when they see it broken down one simple step at a time. I have students do the steps they can do and I give straight-to-the-point explanations/hints for the steps they need help with. When students need a lot of help on a problem, I will only move on after I see they can do a similar problem on their own.

My approach has been especially important for my students that have ADD or dyslexia.